We design and develop lamps

Our park and outdoor lights use high powered shock-proof LED units.

Tha challenge of combining aesthetics and durability

Designers and constructors have been having hard times to find park- and bollard lights, which passes aesthetic and durability demands.

A great parklight is not dazzling

Another problem has been either too weak light or too much dazzling. Kuikka can answer this problem: illuminance is very good, but the light is not dazzling.

Kuikka has been planned by an architect. Baseline has been necessities based on experience and emphasize aesthetic quality. Design of Kuikka is timeless and fits in different kinds of environments. As background of design and development has been studies in Sweden and numerous fieldtrips to Denmark, where there is long heritage in light designs.


There hasn´t been similar, high-class and multipurpose lights like Kuikka in Finland before. Kuikka is completely domestic product.


Vandalism causes lots of expenses for municipalities. That´s why lights used in streets, parks and playfields must endure vandalism. In IK- shockproof test (so called vandalism test) Kuikka managed great: 6 points with quench glass plate and full 10 points with polycarbonate plate.


Life cycle thinking has become more and more visible in all production. For Kuikka´s good design works income, we can advance life cycle thinking in practice. Decreasing energy consumption is number one in life cycle thinking in future.